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Unjustified Enrichment in Turkish Law: Claiming Compensation and Legal Principles Explained

Updated: Jul 29, 2023

Explore concept of Unjustified Enrichment in Turkish law & understand how individuals can claim compensation for unfair benefits. Delve into legal principles, remedies, & processes involved in seeking redress. Discover complexities of unjust enrichment and its implications in contractual disputes


In the realm of legal disputes, unjustified enrichment stands as a fundamental concept, ensuring fairness and equity in contractual dealings. Under Turkish law, the principles surrounding unjustified enrichment provide individuals with a means to seek compensation when one party benefits unjustly at the expense of another. In this article, we will explore the intricacies of unjust enrichment and delve into the process of claiming compensation under Turkish law.

Understanding Unjustified Enrichment in Turkish Law

Unjustified enrichment, or "haksız zenginleşme" in Turkish, is a legal doctrine that revolves around the idea of one party being unjustly enriched at the expense of another. It occurs when a person gains an advantage or receives a benefit without a valid legal basis, resulting in the other party suffering a loss or being disadvantaged. Such circumstances may arise due to a variety of reasons, including breach of contract, negligence, or even unintentional acts.

Elements of Unjustified Enrichment

To establish a claim for unjustified enrichment in Turkish law, certain key elements must be present:

  • Enrichment: The defendant must have received an economic benefit, either in the form of money, goods, or services, at the plaintiff's expense.

  • Absence of Legal Reason: The enrichment must have occurred without any valid legal basis. For instance, if the defendant received the benefit pursuant to a valid contract, there may not be a claim for unjustified enrichment.

  • Deprivation: The plaintiff must have suffered a corresponding loss or deprivation due to the defendant's enrichment.

Unjustified Enrichment vs. Breach of Contract

It is crucial to differentiate between unjustified enrichment and breach of contract under Turkish law. While they share some similarities, they are distinct legal concepts.

  • Unjustified Enrichment: This doctrine focuses on the restoration of fairness and preventing one party from gaining unjustly at the expense of another, even in the absence of a valid contract.

  • Breach of Contract: In breach of contract cases, one party fails to fulfill its contractual obligations, resulting in a violation of the agreed-upon terms and conditions.

Claiming Compensation for Unjustified Enrichment

If a plaintiff believes they have been unjustly enriched in a contractual relationship, they may seek compensation by following these steps:

  • Identifying Unjust Enrichment: The plaintiff must first identify instances where the defendant has been unjustly enriched at their expense. This involves establishing the elements of enrichment, absence of legal reason, and deprivation.

  • Negotiation and Mediation: Before initiating formal legal proceedings, it is advisable to attempt negotiation and mediation to resolve the matter amicably. This can help avoid lengthy court battles and promote an out-of-court settlement.

  • Filing a Lawsuit: If negotiations prove fruitless, the plaintiff can file a lawsuit in the relevant Turkish court. It is essential to gather all relevant evidence and documentation to support the claim for unjustified enrichment.

  • Remedies and Damages: Upon a successful claim, the court may award compensatory damages to the plaintiff. These damages aim to restore the plaintiff to the position they were in before the unjust enrichment occurred.

  • Punitive Damages: In cases of intentional or malicious unjustified enrichment, the court may also consider awarding punitive damages to deter similar conduct in the future.

The Importance of Legal Representation

Navigating a claim for unjustified enrichment can be complex, requiring a comprehensive understanding of Turkish contract law and civil procedures. As such, it is crucial for both plaintiffs and defendants to seek legal representation to safeguard their interests and ensure a fair resolution.


Unjustified enrichment is a vital legal principle that seeks to uphold fairness and justice in contractual relationships under Turkish law. By understanding the elements of unjustified enrichment and the process of claiming compensation, individuals can protect their rights and seek redress when unjust enrichment occurs. However, it is essential to remember that each case is unique, and seeking legal advice is crucial to achieving a favorable outcome in the pursuit of justice.

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