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Turkish Law Firm
Turkish Law Firm

Comprehensive Legal Services of Turkish Law Firm Kurucuk & Associates

Welcome to our Turkish law firm's services page. At Kurucuk & Associates Law Firm in Istanbul,Turkey, we are dedicated to providing our clients with comprehensive legal solutions tailored to their individual needs. With years of experience in various legal practice areas of Turkish Law, including Turkish Business Law, Turkish Family Law, Turkish Immigration Law, and more, our team of lawyers in Istanbul, Turkey has the expertise to provide expert legal guidance and representation to our clients.

Day-To-Day Legal Advice Package by Turkish Law Firm

Our day-to-day legal advice package is tailored to the needs of foreign companies and individuals looking to do business and invest in Turkey

Choose Kurucuk & Associates Law Firm for comprehensive, expert legal services to support your success in Turkey. Contact us today to learn more about our day-to-day legal advice package and how we can help your business thrive.

    Package Includes:

  • Efficient Daily Operations and Compliance Management

  • Corporate Affairs Management

  • Efficient Management of HR Documents

  • Effective Contract Management Services

  • Efficient Debt Recovery Services

  • Expert Dispute Resolution and Litigation Services

Company Formation in Turkey

Company Formation Lawyers in Istanbul, Turkey

Our highly professional team of Turkishlawyers provides comprehensive legal services to businesses looking to establish a presence in Turkey. We offer guidance and complete legal help on matters such as company formation, licensing, taxation, compliance, tax issues, business planning, and more

Turkish Family Law

Turkish Family Lawyers in Istanbul, Turkey

Family law in Turkey is complex and requires an experienced attorney to navigate. Our team provides expert legal guidance on family law matters, including divorce, child custody, inheritance, and more. We understand the sensitive nature of these cases and work diligently to ensure a favorable outcome for our clients

Turkish Media & Entertainment Law

Media & Entertainment Lawyers in Istanbul, Turkey

From production to distribution, our experienced attorneys provide comprehensive legal services to the media and entertainment industry in Turkey. We offer guidance on intellectual property rights, licensing, and contractual matters

Turkish Citizenship by Investment

Turkish Citizenship Lawyers | How to Get Turkey Citizenship?

Our team provides guidance on obtaining Turkish citizenship through investment. We work with clients to identify investment opportunities and provide legal assistance throughout the citizenship application process

Turkish Immigration Law

Turkish Immigration Lawyers

Our team provides legal guidance to individuals and businesses on matters of Turkish immigration law. We offer assistance with visa applications, work permits, and citizenship acquisition to ensure a smooth transition to life in Turkey

Inheritance Law in Turkey

Inheritance Law in Turkey, Turkish Inheritance Lawyers

Inheritance law in Turkey can be complex and require expert legal guidance. Our team provides assistance with wills, inheritance disputes, and estate planning to ensure that our clients' assets are distributed according to their wishes

Maritime Law in Turkey

Admiralty and Maritime Lawyers in Istanbul, Turkey

Our team provides comprehensive expert legal services to the maritime industry in Turkey. We offer best legal assistance with matters such as vessel registration, contracts, and disputes, ensuring that our clients' interests are protected from risks

Personal ٰInjury Law

Personal Injury Lawyer in Turkey

Our expert lawyers provide service for  personal injury cases and legal support to clients seeking compensation for physical, emotional, and financial damages resulting from various types of injuries including car accidents, etc.

Banking & Finance Law

Banking & Finance Lawyers in Turkey

Our experienced lawyers specialize in providing expert legal services to clients seeking guidance on banking and finance matters in Turkey. We offer solutions to navigate complex regulatory landscape, transactions, & dispute resolution services

IT Law

IT Lawyer in Turkey

Our attorneys are well-equipped to advise clients on all aspects of IT law, including compliance, breach response, & litigation to help you navigate the complex world of IT law and protect your business from potential legal risks

Tax Compliance & Tax Planning

Tax Lawyers in Turkey

Our experienced Tax Compliance & Tax Planning lawyers assist businesses and individuals in ensuring compliance with all relevant tax laws and regulations. Our mission is to help our clients minimize the tax liability and maximizing the financial success.

Project Finance Law

Project Finance Law Firm in Turkey

Kurucuk & Associates Law Firm provides highly expert and comprehensive legal advice, aid, and guidance in project finance law. We assist clients in complying with the complex laws and regulations governing project finance transactions.

Turkish Divorce Law

Turkish Divorce Lawyers in Istanbul, Turkey

Navigate the intricate landscape of Divorce Law in Turkey with our expert attorneys. From child custody to inheritance, our team offers unparalleled legal guidance. We empathize with the sensitivity of these matters and tirelessly strive for favorable outcomes. Trust us to protect your interests.

Energy & Mining Law in Turkey

Energy Lawyers in Turkey

We offer comprehensive legal services, including legal advice, due diligence, risk assessment, project financing, contract negotiation, & dispute resolution, & other legal matters related to the Turkish Energy and Mining sector.

Compensation Law

Turkish Compensation Law

With our proficient lawyers in Turkey, your interests are safeguarded under Compensation Law. Exceptional legal representation ensures compliance, protection, and triumph in the advertising realm.

Blockchain & Cryptocurrency

Blockchain & Cyrpto Currency Laws Turkey

Our team of proficient lawyers provides exceptional legal representation in the realm of blockchain and cryptocurrency law in Turkey. Leveraging their extensive expertise and guidance, we ensure the preservation of your interests

Insurance Law

Insurance Lawyers in Turkey

Our team of experienced and skilled attorneys offers expert  representation in insurance law in Turkey. With their comprehensive legal advice and representation, they safeguard your interests and protect your rights in the dynamic landscape of insurance.

Transportation Law

Transportation Law in Turkey

Our proficient legal team excels in Transportation Law. With their adept representation, we ensure your rights are protected, providing expert guidance and comprehensive advice in this complex legal realm to clients.

Testimonial, Will & Heritage Law

Making a will in Turkey

Our proficient legal team excels in Testimonial, Will, and Heritage Transactions Law. Through adept guidance, we ensure your heritage is secured, offering comprehensive expertise in this intricate legal sphere.

Pharmacy Law in Turkey


Our adept legal squad excels in Pharmacy Law, guaranteeing adherence, proficiency, and excellence in this intricate legal realm. With comprehensive expertise, we ensure your compliance and success in the pharmaceutical industry

Turkish Business and Commercial Law

Turkish Business and Commercial Lawyers in Istanbul, Turkey

Our experienced attorneys specialize in Turkish business and commercial law, providing expert guidance on matters such as contract negotiation, company formation, and more. We work closely with clients to ensure their legal needs are met and their business operations run smoothly

Turkish Criminal Law

Turkish Criminal Lawyers

Our highly skilled team provides expert legal defense for clients facing criminal charges in Turkey. We have experience in a wide range of criminal cases and work diligently to ensure the best possible outcome for our clients. So, one do not need to face the criminal charges alone, we are your partner in this legal journey.

Malpractice Law in Turkey

Turkish Medical Malpractice Lawyers

Our experienced attorneys provide expert guidance to clients in cases of professional malpractice in Turkey. We have experience in a wide range of malpractice cases and work diligently to ensure a favorable outcome for our clients

Litigation & Dispute Resolution in Turkey

Litigation Lawyers in Istanbul, Turkey

Our team provides expert litigation and dispute resolution services in Turkey. We have experience in a wide range of legal disputes and work diligently to ensure a favorable outcome for our clients

Turkish Real Estate Law

Turkish Real Estate Lawyers | How to Buy Property in Turkey?

Whether buying, selling, or renting property in Turkey, our attorneys have the expertise to provide effective legal solutions. We offer guidance on matters such as property acquisition, lease agreements, zoning regulations, and more

Sports Law in Turkey

Sports Lawyers in Istanbul, Turkey

Our experienced attorneys provide legal guidance to athletes, sports organizations, and sponsors in Turkey. We offer assistance with contracts, disputes, and regulatory compliance in the rapidly evolving world of sports law

Turkish IP Law

Turkish Intellectual Property Lawyers

Our attorneys provide legal services on IP matters, including trademarks, copyrights, patents, and trade secrets. We help clients protect their intellectual property rights in Turkey and navigate complex legal issues related to infringement and licensing

Administrative Law

Administrative Lawyers in Turkey

We offer top-notch administrative law services to businesses, organizations, and individuals in Istanbul. Our team of skilled Turkish administrative law lawyers are dedicated to providing comprehensive legal solutions that are efficient and effective.

Competition Law

Turkish Competition Law

We offer comprehensive legal services to domestic and international clients with our experienced competition lawyers specializing in Turkish competition law including expert advice on antitrust law, merger control, and more.

Constitutional Law

Constitutional Law in Turkey

Our team handles cases involving constitutional amendments, ratification of treaties, and constitutional interpretation. As a leading Turkish Constitutional Law firm, we are committed to providing exceptional legal services in constitutional law.

International Commercial Law

Commercial Law Turkey

Our team of skilled and knowledgeable International Commercial Law Lawyers in Turkey offer comprehensive legal services and aid to domestic and foreign clients in various areas of Turkish International Commercial Law with top-notch ecpertise.

Aviation Law

Aviation Law Firm Turkey

With our in-depth knowledge and vast experience, we provide expert legal guidance and comprehensive advice in aviation law, ensuring our clients' compliance with intricate regulations. Trust us to navigate the complexities of the industry with confidence.

Turkish Franchise Law

Franchise Lawyer in Turkey

Trust the expertise of our seasoned attorneys to navigate the complexities of Turkish Franchise Law. From compliance to dispute resolution, we provide comprehensive legal guidance tailored to your franchising needs. We understand the intricacies of the industry and tirelessly advocate for your success.

Turkish Personal Data Protection Law

Personal Data Protection Turkey, Lawyer in Istanbul,Turkey

With our extensive expertise and experience, we offer highly expert, comprehensive legal advice, aid and guidance to help our clients to comply with the complicated laws and regulations surrounding personal data protection.

Capital Market Law

Turkish Capital Market Law, Lawyers and Law firms in Istanbul, Turkey

Discover unparalleled expertise in Capital Market Law with our proficient lawyers in Turkey. Safeguard your interests under Compensation Law, where exceptional legal representation ensures compliance & protection

Advertising Law in

Media and Advertising Law in Turkey

Our proficient and highly skilled lawyers safeguard your interests, providing exceptional legal representation in Turkey. With extensive expertise, we ensure compliance, protection, and triumph in the advertising realm.

Arbitration Law

Arbitration Lawyers in Istanbul, Turkey.

Our seasoned attorneys specialize in Arbitration Law in Turkey. With expert guidance and representation, we champion your cause, ensuring fair resolutions and upholding your rights in the intricate realm of arbitration proceedings.

Mediation Law

Mediation Services in Turkey, Istanbul

Rely on our skilled legal team for proficient counsel in Mediation Law. With their adept guidance, we ensure your mediation journey is smooth, offering comprehensive assistance in this intricate legal process 

Procurement Law in Turkey

Kurucuk & Associates is Top-Tier Law Firm in Istanbul, Turkey, Lawyer in Turkey, Lawyer in Istanbul

Our adept legal squad thrives in Public Procurement Law in Turkey. With expert guidance, we safeguard your procurement interests, delivering unmatched proficiency in this intricate legal domain.

Turkish Bankruptcy & Debt Recovery Law

Debt Collection in Turkey | Turkish Debt Recovery Lawyers

Our Banking and Recovery Laws expert team provides legal guidance to businesses facing financial difficulties in Turkey. We offer deeper legal assistance with matters such as bankruptcy, debt restructuring, and recovery, ensuring the best possible outcome for our clients

Compliance in Turkey

Compliance in Turkey, Turkish Law Firm

Our team is dedicated to providing legal guidance to ensure full compliance with Turkish laws & regulations. By collaborating with clients, we identify potential compliance risks and offer effective legal solutions to ensure the business operations in Turkey with confidence & peace of mind

Mergers & Acquisition in Turkey

Mergers and Acquisitions Specialist Law Firm in Istanbul, Turkey

Our experienced attorneys provide comprehensive legal services for mergers and acquisitions in Turkey. We offer assistance with due diligence, contract negotiation, and regulatory compliance to ensure a successful transaction

Turkish Labor Employment Law

Turkish Labor Employment Lawyers

Our team provides guidance on all aspects of Turkish labor & employment law, including contracts, termination, & workplace discrimination. We help clients comply with Turkish labor laws while minimizing risk of penalities

Contract Law in Turkey

Contracts Lawyers in Istanbul, Turkey

Our attorneys provide expert guidance on contractual matters in Turkey, including drafting, review, and negotiation of contracts. We ensure that all contracts are legally sound and enforceable, protecting our clients' interests in business transactions

Turkish Fintech Law

Turkish Fintech Law firm in Istanbul, Turkey

Our attorneys provide legal guidance to fintech companies operating in Turkey. We offer assistance with regulatory compliance, intellectual property rights, and contractual matters in this rapidly evolving industry

Cyber Crime Law

Cybercrime Law in Turkey

Our top- notch law firm's dedicated professional cyber crime law lawyers are committed to provide exceptional legal aid, advice and representation to victims of cyber crimes with efficient advocacy, high knowledge & skills in Istanbul, Turkey

Consumer Law

Consumer Lawyer in Turkey

Our experienced team of consumer lawyers in Turkey is committed to safeguarding the rights of our clients and ensuring fair treatment in all consumer-related matters. We aim to offer efficient and effective legal services to our clients.

Drug Law

Drug Trafficking Offenses/Crimes in Turkey

Whether you are facing drug-related charges, seeking legal guidance on drug law compliance, or require assistance with drug law enforcement, our team of knowledgeable and expert lawyers is equipped to handle all of your legal needs

Municipality Law

Municipality Law in Turkey

Our experience, skill, expertise, and knowledge of Turkish Municipal laws make us the go-to law firm for all your Municipality Law needs. Trust us to protect your interests and navigate the complexities of Turkish Municipality Law.

Int. Transactions & Dispute Resolution

Dispute Resolution in Turkey 2023

We specialize in international transactions and dispute resolution, providing expert advice & guidance to clients in all aspects of cross-border business & commercial transactions & provide practical solutions tailored to meet your legal needs.

Turkish AI Law

Artificial Intelligence Law Turkey

Our experienced team specializes in Turkish AI Law, providing comprehensive legal advice and representation. We ensure compliance with AI regulations, protecting your interests and reputation in the dynamic world of artificial intelligence.

Real Estate Rental Law

Turkish Real Estate Lawyers

Rely on the proficiency of our experienced lawyers to navigate the intricacies of real estate rental laws in Turkey. From compliance to conflict resolution, we offer all-encompassing legal support customized to meet your rental requirements. We comprehend the complexities of the sector and tenaciously champion your prosperity.

Personality Protection in Social Media

Turkey's Social Media Law, Social Media Lawyers in Turkey

Our team of experienced lawyers is well-versed in Turkish Protection of Personality Rights in Social Media laws and regulations, providing best comprehensive legal advice and representation to protect the reputation and dignity of our clients. 

Construction Law

Construction Law in Turkey

With our accomplished Turkish lawyers, your interests are fortified by Construction Law. Unparalleled legal representation guarantees compliance, protection, and success in the construction realm.

Celebrity Representation Law in Turkey

Media and entertainment law in Turkey 2023

Our Team of skilled attorneys offers expert celebrity representation services, providing comprehensive legal advice & representation, safeguarding your interests, and protecting your reputation in the dynamic world of entertainment.

Law of Damages

Compensation Cases in Turkish Law 2023

Our adept legal team provides expert guidance in Damages & Compensation Law. With their skillful representation, we ensure your rights are safeguarded, offering comprehensive advice and protection in this intricate legal domain to victims.

Telecom Law

Legal Framework for Telecommunications in Turkey

Experience the mastery of our legal team in Telecommunication Law. With their adept guidance, we safeguard your rights, offering comprehensive protection and advice in this intricate legal arena to stakeholders.

Turkish Residence Permit

Fireworks Over Hagia Sophia

Our skilled legal squad specializes in Turkish Residence Permit Law. With expert guidance, we guarantee your residence is lawful, providing thorough proficiency in this complex legal domain.

Turkish Immigration Lawyers
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