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Hungary Golden Visa Program: Chart Your Path to European Residency

Discover the allure of Hungary as a European residence through the Hungary Golden Visa, also known as the Hungarian Guest Investor Program (GIP). With Hungary's EU membership since 2004, the program, set to activate in 2024, offers a pathway to long-term residency. Explore the unique features such as a ten-year permit, renewable for life, and various investment options, emphasizing the program's distinction from citizenship-by-investment initiatives in other European countries.

Hungary Golden Visa 2024 Kurucuk and Associates Lawyers and Law Firm in Istanbul Turkey
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Hungary Golden Visa 2024 Kurucuk and Associates Lawyers and Law Firm in Istanbul Turkey
Hungary Golden Visa 2024 Kurucuk and Associates Lawyers and Law Firm in Istanbul Turkey

Golden Horizons Await: Kurucuk & Associates Paves the Way for Your Hungary Residency Adventure!

Overview of Hungary Golden Visa Program (Hungarian Guest Investor Program - GIP)


Hungary beckons with its Golden Visa program, the Hungarian Guest Investor Program (GIP), commencing in 2024. This program offers an enticing opportunity for long-term residency. As Hungary, an EU member since 2004, opens its doors, applicants can navigate through investment avenues such as Real Estate Investment Fund, Real Estate Acquisition, or a Non-refundable Public Trust Donation, setting this program apart in the realm of European residency opportunities.


Hungary as an Attractive European Country


Hungary, a European gem, welcomes aspiring residents through the Hungary Golden Visa, also known as the Hungarian Guest Investor Program (GIP). Since its EU accession in 2004, Hungary stands as a sought-after European destination. The upcoming 2024 activation of the Golden Visa program offers a distinctive chance for long-term residency, presenting an enticing proposition for individuals keen on securing their place in this culturally rich and economically vibrant European nation.


Hungary's EU Membership since 2004

Hungary's integration into the European Union in 2004 positions it as an appealing destination for those seeking residency through the upcoming Hungary Golden Visa program (Hungarian Guest Investor Program - GIP). The nation's EU membership enhances its attractiveness, offering a stable and prosperous environment. As the GIP unfolds in 2024, individuals have the opportunity to align themselves with a European country celebrated for its cultural richness and economic vibrancy since joining the EU nearly two decades ago.


What is Hungary Golden Visa Program Details


Unveil the intricacies of the Hungary Golden Visa, set to launch in 2024 through the Hungarian Guest Investor Program (GIP). With a decade-long residency permit and renewable options for life, applicants can navigate pathways to permanent residency. This program distinctly stands apart as a non-citizenship investment opportunity, emphasizing diverse investment avenues, including Real Estate Investment Fund, Real Estate Acquisition, and Non-refundable Public Trust Donation. Hungary's commitment to providing a unique and attractive European residency option comes to fruition through this transformative initiative.


Launch and Activation


Anticipate the initiation of the Hungary Golden Visa in 2024 through the Hungarian Guest Investor Program (GIP). This eagerly awaited program offers a gateway to long-term residency with a ten-year validity, positioning Hungary as an exceptional European destination. As the program activates, applicants can delve into the distinctive features, including renewal options for life and pathways to permanent residency after five years of full-time residence, solidifying Hungary's commitment to providing enduring residency opportunities.


Availability and Application Process


The Hungary Golden Visa program, scheduled for activation in 2024 through the Hungarian Guest Investor Program (GIP), introduces a unique opportunity for long-term residency. Applicants can explore this transformative pathway with a ten-year permit, renewability for life, and options for permanent residency after five years. Aspiring residents are invited to navigate through the distinctive investment avenues, such as Real Estate Investment Fund, Real Estate Acquisition, and Non-refundable Public Trust Donation, illustrating Hungary's commitment to offering diverse and enduring residency opportunities.




Embark on your Hungary Golden Visa journey with Kurucuk & Associates Law Firm, meeting specific eligibility criteria. Essential documents include the application form, passport, and proof of funds. The Hungarian authorities' visa approval, taking up to 90 days, sets the stage for a minimum investment of €250,000 in real estate, bonds, or public projects. As you prepare to apply, consider the selection of legal, application, and processing fees based on family size and chosen investment avenue, ensuring a seamless process for your residency goals.


Approval Timeline


Embark on your Hungary Golden Visa journey through a streamlined approval process. Kurucuk & Associates Law Firm guides you as Hungarian authorities assess your visa application, with approval taking up to 90 days. This efficient timeline ensures a swift path to your 10-year residency permit, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of European residency, visa-free travel within the EU Schengen zone, and the flexibility to renew your permit for a lifetime. Plan your move to Hungary with confidence and ease.


Minimum Investment


Prepare for your Hungary Golden Visa with Kurucuk & Associates Law Firm, navigating through the various investment avenues available from 2024. With options such as €250,000 in Real Estate Investment Fund, €500,000 in Real Estate Acquisition, or €1 million in Non-refundable Public Trust Donation, tailor your investment to align with your goals. This minimum investment secures a 10-year residency permit, highlighting Hungary's commitment to offering diverse pathways for individuals seeking European residency through the Hungarian Guest Investor Program (GIP).


Family Inclusion


Your Hungary Golden Visa journey is enriched with family inclusion through Kurucuk & Associates Law Firm. Extend your application to include your spouse, children under 18, and even parents, aged 65 and over. Additional dependents incur extra fees. This family-centric approach enhances the appeal of Hungary's Golden Visa, ensuring a comprehensive pathway for you and your loved ones to experience European residency with privileges such as visa-free travel and a life-long renewal option.


Benefits of Hungary Golden Visa (2024)


Immerse yourself in the advantages of the Hungary Golden Visa program in 2024 with Kurucuk & Associates Law Firm. Offering a swift and effective route to European residency, the program provides a ten-year permit, renewed every decade. Enjoy visa-free travel within the EU Schengen zone, without minimum stay requirements. Non-residents experience no tax obligations, ensuring a seamless and favorable experience. Acquire the right to reside in Hungary, underlining the program's attractiveness for those seeking enduring European residency.


Quick and Effective Residency


Hungary's Golden Visa provides a rapid route to European residency, offering swift processing, a ten-year permit, and life-long renewability.


Life-long Residency Renewal


Enjoy the privilege of a Hungary Golden Visa with life-long residency renewal every ten years, ensuring enduring European residency.


Visa-free Travel


Seize the freedom of visa-free travel within the EU Schengen zone, a distinguished benefit of Hungary's Golden Visa Program in 2024.


No Minimum Stay Requirements


Experience the flexibility of Hungary's Golden Visa with no minimum stay requirements, providing residents the freedom to balance commitments seamlessly.


Non-residents' Tax Obligations


Benefit from Hungary's Golden Visa with no tax obligations for non-residents, ensuring a favorable financial environment for residency seekers.


Right to Reside in Hungary


Attain the right to reside in Hungary with the Golden Visa, promising a secure and welcoming environment for long-term residency.


Residency Permit in Hungary


Navigate the diverse avenues for non-EEA nationals to secure a Hungarian residence permit with Kurucuk & Associates Law Firm. From self-employment to establishing a business, the process involves various documents and conditions. Once obtained, access EU benefits like the Blue Card and, after five years, apply for permanent residence or citizenship.


Eligibility for Non-EEA Nationals


Non-EEA nationals can apply for a Hungarian residence permit, engaging in activities like work, self-employment, or business establishment.


Purpose of Self-Employed Activity


Verify self-employed gainful activity with documents like licenses, business plans, or service contracts.


Verification Conditions


Verify residency purpose through employing three Hungarian citizens, credible business plans, and relevant contracts.


Validity and Renewal


Residence permits, valid for three years, are renewable if residents continue economic activities.

Family Inclusion


Include family members in Hungary with a residence permit and extend benefits to loved ones.

Citizenship in Hungary


Explore Hungary's citizenship paths with Kurucuk & Associates Law Firm, involving descent, naturalization, and simplified options for certain individuals.

Acquisition Paths


Hungarian citizenship can be acquired through descent or naturalization, offering diverse pathways to citizenship.

Naturalization Requirements


Attain Hungarian citizenship after eight years, showcasing language proficiency, means of subsistence, and a clean record.

Dual Citizenship


Enjoy the privilege of dual citizenship, allowing third-country nationals to maintain their previous citizenship alongside Hungarian citizenship.

Additional Information and Considerations


Kurucuk & Associates Law Firm advises on the evolving landscape of Hungarian immigration and residency. Explore alternative routes for business investment, employment, or family reunification. Stay updated for the latest announcements on the Hungary Golden Visa program.

Complexity of Immigration


The immigration and residency in Hungary are intricate and evolving, requiring careful consideration and guidance from legal experts.

Alternative Routes


Consider diverse pathways for those seeking residency in Hungary, such as business investment, employment, or family reunification options.

Advisory on Updates


Stay informed with Kurucuk & Associates Law Firm for the latest announcements regarding the Hungary Golden Visa Program and related immigration changes.

Unlock Your Hungarian Residency Journey with Kurucuk & Associates

Embark on a seamless path to Hungarian residency with Kurucuk & Associates Law Firm, renowned experts in immigration. Whether you seek the coveted Hungary Golden Visa or explore alternative routes, our Istanbul-based firm ensures expert guidance through the evolving landscape of European immigration. Trust us to navigate the complexities, offering tailored solutions for your residency goals. Contact Kurucuk & Associates now and let your Hungarian residency journey begin with confidence.

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