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İhsan Bahadır Çeliktaş


Accomplished lawyer specializing in Immigration, Investment, & Corporate Law with a global perspective

English Speaking Lawyer in Turkey
Lawyers in Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul Bar Association member renowned for expertise in Immigration, Investment, & Corporate Law, facilitating international transactions with fluency in English, Spanish, and conversational Arabic

 Well-versed English-Speaking Lawyer in Istanbul Turkey

About İhsan Bahadır Çeliktaş, Lawyer Turkey

İhsan Bahadır Çeliktaş is a distinguished legal professional renowned for his expertise in Immigration, Investment, and Corporate Law. As a member of the Istanbul Bar Association, Bahadır's global perspective and fluency in multiple languages empower him to offer tailored solutions to clients worldwide, ensuring exceptional results in complex legal matters.

Lawyer in Turkey

Education and Background

İhsan Bahadır Çeliktaş pursued his legal education at a prestigious institution, obtaining his Bachelor of Laws degree with honors. He furthered his academic pursuits by earning a Master of Laws (LL.M.) degree with a specialization in Corporate Law. His educational background equipped him with a solid foundation in legal principles and strategies, laying the groundwork for his successful career in law.

Professional Experience

With a career spanning several years, İhsan Bahadır Çeliktaş has garnered extensive experience in various aspects of law, particularly in Immigration, Investment, and Corporate Law. He began his career by working at the European Union Intellectual Property Office in Spain, where he gained valuable insights into intellectual property law, an area that continues to be one of his areas of expertise.

Later, Bahadır transitioned into private practice and joined the Istanbul Bar Association, where he flourished as a legal professional. His tenure at the Bar Association allowed him to represent clients in diverse commercial transactions, including but not limited to acquiring residential properties, forming different types of companies, and providing legal counsel on corporate governance matters.

Lawyer in Istanbul, Turkey

Areas of Expertise

İhsan Bahadır Çeliktaş specializes in Immigration, Investment, and Corporate Law. He possesses a deep understanding of the legal frameworks surrounding these areas, allowing him to offer comprehensive and effective solutions to his clients. Additionally, his experience in intellectual property law enables him to assist startups and SMEs in developing robust intellectual property strategies to safeguard their innovations and creations.

Professional Affiliations

As a member of the Istanbul Bar Association, and a valuable part of Kurucuk & Associates Law Firm, İhsan Bahadır Çeliktaş is an esteemed legal professional with a proven track record of delivering favorable outcomes for his clients. His commitment to excellence and dedication to his craft have earned him the respect and admiration of his peers within the legal community. Moreover, his fluency in multiple languages, including English, Spanish, and conversational Arabic, enables him to effectively communicate and collaborate with clients from diverse cultural backgrounds.

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