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2024 Changes and Key Amendments to Turkish Citizenship Applications and Residence Permit Applications in 2024

Updated: Jan 17

Amendments to Turkish Citizenship and Residence Permit Applications in 2024

In recent times, significant changes have reshaped the landscape of Turkish citizenship and residence permit applications, bringing forth a new set of rules and procedures for prospective investors. These amendments, effective as of 2024, have ushered in a more rigorous yet streamlined process.

Navigating the New Pathway to Turkish Citizenship

The journey towards Turkish citizenship now involves a carefully orchestrated sequence of steps, primarily focusing on residence permit applications and mandatory in-person appearances for both investors and their spouses.

Mandatory Fingerprints: A Personal Touch to Applications

How are fingerprints becoming a crucial aspect of the application process?

One of the groundbreaking changes introduced in February 2023 is the obligatory requirement for investors to provide fingerprints at the Fatih Immigration Office in Turkey. This biometric data is now an integral part of the process, adding an extra layer of security to the citizenship and residence permit applications.

In-Person Appointments: A Shift in Approach

Why are personal appearances now mandatory for investors?

In 2024, a significant shift occurred with the introduction of mandatory in-person appointments for both residence permit and citizenship applications. This change signifies a commitment to a more hands-on approach, as investors and their spouses are now required to be physically present during the application processes.

Preliminary Checks and Criminal Records

How do criminal records play a role in the new application process?

Under the revamped procedures, applicants must provide a criminal record from their home country or the country where they legally reside. This requirement, not present in previous residence applications, aims to conduct preliminary checks on individuals seeking to make Turkey their home and eventually become Turkish citizens.

Procedural Details: Amendments Applicable from 2024 Onwards

What specific changes should applicants be aware of?

Outlined below are key procedural amendments applicable from 2024:

In-Person Presence and Fingerprints Requirement

Investors and their spouses must be physically present in Turkey for both residence permit and citizenship applications. Additionally, they are required to provide fingerprints as part of the application process.

Criminal Record Authentication

For citizens of countries under the apostille agreement, the criminal record must be apostilled, with its Turkish translation notarized. Citizens of non-apostille countries must have their criminal record document certified by the relevant country authorities, such as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Turkish Consulate.

A New Chapter in Turkish Citizenship

The amendments to Turkish citizenship and residence permit applications represent a strategic move to ensure a more comprehensive vetting process. These changes, effective from 2024, aim to strike a balance between welcoming investors and safeguarding the integrity of the citizenship acquisition process.

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