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Turkish Citizenship Lawyers in Istanbul 

Kurucuk & Associates is a distinguished Turkish law firm that is renowned worldwide for its exceptional legal services in matters pertaining to Turkish citizenship. Situated in Istanbul, Turkey, our team of highly-skilled Turkish citizenship lawyers in Istanbul is equipped to aid you in acquiring Turkish citizenship through two of the most popular methods: investing in real estate worth over 400,000 USD or opening a bank account with a deposit of at least 500,000 USD.

Turkish Citizenship Lawyer
Turkish Citizenship Lawyer in Istanbul, Turkey
Turkish Citizenship by Investment
Turkish Citizenship by Investment
Turkish Citizenship by Investment

Your Key to Turkish Citizenship: Let Kurucuk & Associates Open the Door for You

Streamline Your Real Estate Purchase and Turkish Citizenship with Our Expert Citizenship Lawyers

Our team of expert Turkish Citizenship Attorneys specializing in Turkish real estate law can provide exceptional representation to our clients in their property purchases. We can skillfully draft comprehensive and well-crafted contracts for the sale of both residential and commercial properties and lands, and meticulously review and amend contracts provided by developers. Once the property buying phase is complete, we can assist our clients in obtaining Turkish citizenship by managing the application process on their behalf and representing them until they obtain their Turkish passports.

Your Passport to Global Citizenship: Avail Kurucuk & Associates' Expert Lawyer Services for Diverse Clients

We have extensive experience in providing successful citizenship services to clients from a wide range of countries. We have a deep understanding of the unique requirements and paperwork necessary for each country's citizenship process, enabling us to efficiently guide our clients through the process and help them achieve their citizenship goals.

Top-notch Legal Services for Turkish Citizenship by Investment with 100% Success Rate

Our team of experienced Turkish citizenship lawyers offers legal services to individuals looking to obtain Turkish citizenship through investment. We assist clients in obtaining a conformity certificate for their investment and then apply for residency for the primary applicant.

We then prepare a comprehensive Turkish citizenship file for the main applicant, spouse, and children, which is usually accepted within 3 to 4 months. We take pride in having a 100% success rate with no refusals to date.

Effortlessly Obtain Your Turkish Passport: A Hassle-Free Citizenship Process With Professional Turkish Citizenship Law Firm

Once your application is accepted, you can complete the process from your home country by visiting the Turkish Embassy to provide your fingerprints and apply for a Turkish ID card and passport. Alternatively, if you prefer to come to Istanbul, one of our English-speaking Turkish lawyers can assist you in completing the process in person. The Turkish passport and ID card will be sent to our office address for your convenience.

Turkish Citizenship with Real Estate Investment: Updated Regulations Explained

The Turkish Citizenship Law's Article 12 offers foreign investors an exceptional opportunity to acquire Turkish citizenship through the purchase of real estate valued at a minimum of $250,000. However, this minimum value has recently been increased to $400,000. In line with the 106 numbered Presidential Decree dated 18.09.2018, new regulations have been introduced with respect to the amounts stipulated in Article 20 of the Regulation on the Implementation of the aforementioned Law.

Turkish Citizenship Lawyer

Trust the experts: Kurucuk & Associates Law Firm, your immigration partner in Istanbul

Effortlessly Obtain Turkish Citizenship Through Property Purchase or Bank Deposit with Our Expert Legal Assistance in Istanbul

Our Turkish Citizenship Attorney can guide you in obtaining Turkish citizenship through property purchase, and bank deposit from acquiring a conformity certificate issued by the Ministry of Environment,Urbanisation and Climate Change and  Ministry of Industry and Technology to applying for a Turkish passport. Our experience shows a 3-4 month acceptance time with no refusals. Apply at the Turkish Embassy with our expert citizenship lawyers in Istanbul.


Secure Your Turkish Citizenship with Ease: Let Our Immigration Lawyers Handle Your Property Investment

Our Turkish immigration lawyers handle the legal aspects of buying or selling real estate in Turkey, including paperwork and accompanying clients to the Title Deed Office. With experience in property investments for citizenship, we can guide you through the process of obtaining Turkish citizenship through a property purchase valued at $400k+. Let our Turkish Citizenship Attorneys handle the legal details while you enjoy your new investment and status as a Turkish citizen.


Banking on Citizenship: Let Our Turkish Citizenship Lawyers Simplify Your Turkish Bank Account Process

Our Turkish Citizenship Attorneys simplify the process of opening a Turkish bank account using Power of Attorney, including double legalization for countries like China. Funds can be invested in TL interest accounts or Turkish Government Bonds for three years. Our team can also help with opening a "Yuvam" account offering dollar protection and an 8% yield for two years. Investors must commit to holding at least 500,000 USD for three years to qualify for Turkish citizenship.

Elevate Your Citizenship Goals with Kurucuk & Associates: Your Trusted Turkish Law Firm


Kurucuk & Associates is a top-tier Turkish law firm that delivers bespoke solutions to meet the evolving demands of modern citizenship and investment law. Our Turkish Citizenship Attorneys have been providing expert legal guidance and achieving favorable outcomes for clients since 2014. We're now one of the leading Turkish citizenship law firms in Istanbul, Turkey, and you can contact us through our website to explore how our Turkish Citizenship Lawyers can assist you in obtaining Turkish citizenship by investment.

Turkish Citizenship by Investment
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