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Cracking the Code: Deciphering Turkey's Property Tax System

Updated: Jun 1, 2023

Cracking the Code: Deciphering Turkey's Property Tax System


When you own property in Turkey, it's important to understand the financial obligations that come with it, such as property taxes. These taxes play a crucial role in funding local governments and ensuring the provision of essential services to communities. In this all-encompassing guide, we will delve into the nuances of property taxes in Turkey, shedding light on important terms, tax rates, exemptions, and the process of making payments. By gaining a deeper understanding of Turkey's property tax system, you'll be equipped with the knowledge to fulfill your financial responsibilities as a property owner and navigate the intricacies of tax regulations. Stay informed and empowered as we demystify Turkey's property taxes in this comprehensive guide.

Key Terms and Definitions:

Before delving into the details of property taxes in Turkey, it is important to familiarize ourselves with some key terms:

Property Tax:

  • Property tax, also known as real estate tax, is a tax imposed on the ownership of property, including land, buildings, and any improvements made to them.

Assessed Value:

  • The assessed value is the value assigned to a property by a tax assessor for the purpose of determining property taxes. It may be based on factors such as the property's market value and physical characteristics.

Tax Rate:

  • The tax rate refers to the percentage of the assessed value that is used to calculate the property tax amount.

Types of Property Taxes in Turkey Annual Property Tax:

When you own property in Turkey, you are required to pay an annual property tax to the Turkish government. The tax rates for different types of properties vary based on the size of the city and the property's classification. Here are the tax rates for residential and commercial properties in big and small cities:

Residential Properties:

  • Big Cities: 0.2%

  • Small Cities: 0.1%

Commercial Properties:

  • Big Cities: 0.4%

  • Small Cities: 0.2%

Income Tax on Rental Income:

If you decide to rent out your property in Turkey, you will be subject to income tax on the rental income accrued. The tax rates for rental income vary based on the income brackets. Here is a breakdown of the tax rates for different income ranges:

  • Up to ₺53,000:

    • Tax on the first ₺24,000 of income is ₺3,600.

    • The remaining income is taxed at a rate of 20%.

  • Up to ₺130,000:

    • Tax on the first ₺53,000 of income is ₺9,400.

    • The remaining income is taxed at a rate of 27%.

  • Up to ₺650,000:

    • Tax on the first ₺130,000 of income is ₺30,190.

    • The remaining income is taxed at a rate of 35%.

  • Over ₺650,000:

    • Tax on the first ₺650,000 of income is ₺212,190.

    • The remaining income is taxed at a rate of 40%.

Property Tax Exemptions:

While property taxes are mandatory for most property owners, there are certain exemptions available in Turkey. These exemptions provide relief for specific individuals or types of properties. Some common property tax exemptions include:

Homestead Exemption:

Homestead exemption offers tax relief to homeowners who use the property as their primary residence. It allows a portion of the property's value to be exempt from taxation, reducing the overall tax burden.

Senior Citizen Exemption:

Senior citizens may be eligible for property tax exemptions based on their age and income level. These exemptions aim to provide financial relief to elderly property owners.

Disabled Veterans Exemption:

Disabled veterans may qualify for property tax exemptions as a gesture of gratitude for their service. These exemptions vary depending on the disability rating and other criteria.

How to Pay Property Taxes in Turkey:

Paying property taxes in Turkey can be done through two main methods:

Physical Payment:

Property owners can visit their municipality's office in person and make the payment directly. This method allows for face-to-face interactions and provides an opportunity to address any concerns or queries.

Online Payment:

Many municipalities in Turkey offer online payment options for property taxes. Property owners can conveniently access the municipality's official website, navigate to the property tax section, and make their payments securely online.


Understanding Turkey property taxes is essential for property owners to fulfill their financial obligations and avoid any penalties or legal issues. By familiarizing yourself with the key terms, types of property taxes, exemptions, and payment procedures outlined in this comprehensive guide, you will be better equipped to manage your property tax responsibilities in Turkey. Remember to consult with local authorities or tax professionals for specific details and regulations pertaining to your property and circumstances.


The tax rates and amounts mentioned in this article are based on the information available at the time of writing, but they may be revised or modified by relevant authorities in the future. Therefore, it is crucial to consult with a qualified tax professional or seek advice from the appropriate government agencies to obtain the most current and accurate information regarding tax rates and amounts.

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