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Reasons for Rejection of the Request for Residency in Turkey

Discover the Common Reasons for Rejection of Residency Requests in Turkey: From Documentation Errors to Eligibility Criteria, Uncover Why Your Application May Have Been Declined & get approved | Turkish Immigration Lawyer in Istanbul Citizenship Law Firm in Turkey Lawyer Istanbul

In recent years, Turkey has emerged as a popular destination for expatriates seeking a unique blend of culture, history, and natural beauty. As more people consider Turkey as their second home, the demand for residency permits has surged. However, securing Turkish residency isn't always a straightforward process. Many applicants face rejection, which can be a frustrating setback. In this article, we'll delve into the common reasons for the rejection of residency requests in Turkey.

Common Reasons for Rejection of Residency Requests in Turkey

Turkey's residency process is designed to ensure that those seeking to live in the country meet certain criteria. While the rules are relatively lenient compared to some other nations, there are specific grounds on which your application may be denied. Here are some of the most common reasons:

Incomplete Documentation

One of the leading causes of residency rejections is incomplete documentation. The Turkish authorities require applicants to provide a range of documents, which may include bank statements, health insurance, and rental contracts. Even a single missing document can result in your application being denied.


To avoid this issue, carefully review the list of required documents on the official government website and double-check that you have everything in order before submitting your application.

Insufficient Financial Means

Turkish authorities typically require proof of sufficient financial means to support oneself during their stay in the country. This includes having a certain amount of money in a Turkish bank account. Failure to meet these financial requirements can lead to rejection.


Make sure you have the necessary funds readily available in a Turkish bank account and maintain the required balance for the duration of your residency.

Lack of Health Insurance

Health insurance is a crucial requirement for obtaining Turkish residency. Without adequate health insurance coverage, your application may be rejected. Turkey wants to ensure that residents have access to medical care during their stay.


Purchase a health insurance policy that meets the Turkish government's criteria before applying for residency.

Criminal Record

Applicants with a criminal record or pending criminal cases may face rejection. Turkish authorities are concerned about the safety and security of their residents and want to prevent individuals with a history of criminal activity from residing in the country.


If you have a criminal record, it's essential to consult with a Turkish immigration lawyer to determine whether you are eligible for residency and how to address any issues related to your criminal record.

Overstaying Previous Visas

Overstaying a previous visa or residency permit is a common reason for rejection. If you've stayed in Turkey beyond the expiration date of your previous visa, it could result in your new residency application being denied.


Always be mindful of visa expiration dates and ensure you leave the country or renew your visa on time.

Inaccurate Information

Providing false or inaccurate information on your application can lead to rejection. Turkish authorities take the accuracy of your information seriously, and any discrepancies can raise red flags.


Double-check all the information you provide on your application to ensure its accuracy.

Insufficient Ties to Turkey

Authorities may reject applications if they believe the applicant doesn't have sufficient ties to Turkey. This can include factors like not having a job, owning property, or having close family members in the country.


Consider establishing connections in Turkey, such as finding employment, investing in property, or forming relationships with Turkish nationals.

Unlocking Your Path to Turkish Residency: Expert Legal Guidance

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