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New Turkish Tourism Rental Laws 2024: Navigating License Requirements, Penalties, and Guidelines

Stay compliant with the new Turkish Tourism Rental Laws in 2024. Learn about license requirements, penalties, and guidelines for landlords and tenants. Navigate the evolving landscape, obtain your license, and ensure a seamless experience in short-term property rentals.

In the ever-evolving landscape of travel and accommodation, it's crucial for landlords and tenants alike to stay informed about the latest regulations. The year 2024 brings forth significant changes to the Turkish Tourism Rental Laws, particularly concerning license requirements, penalties, and guidelines. Let's delve into the key aspects that every property owner and traveler should be aware of.

Understanding the Shift: Amendments Published in 2023

The legal transformation in Turkish tourism rental laws for periods less than 100 days was officially introduced through amendments published on 02/11/2023. With an effective date of 01/01/2024, these changes encompass fundamental principles, licensing procedures, and penalties for non-compliance.

The License Imperative: A New Prerequisite

As of the new regulations, landlords are mandated to obtain a license before entering into any rental agreement for tourism purposes. If you're currently renting your property, the clock is ticking — apply to the Ministry of Culture and Tourism within one month of 01/01/2024. The Ministry ensures that the license issuance process concludes within three months of the application date. Once obtained, the license must be prominently displayed at the entrance of the rented residence.

Unraveling License Terms and Conditions

Securing a license involves a two-step process. Firstly, a fee, yet to be disclosed, is to be paid to the Ministry for application processing. Secondly, in the case of apartments, the unanimous consent of all flat owners within the building is mandatory for license approval.

Subleasing Dynamics: Legal Entities vs. Individuals

The revamped law explicitly states that individuals with a license cannot sublease their residence to another individual. However, legal entities have the flexibility to allow their personnel to utilize the rented property.

License Limitations: A Building-Based Quota

In buildings with more than three independent sections, landlords with multiple properties are subject to specific limitations. They can only obtain licenses for a maximum of 25% of the total units owned by the landlord within that building.

Penalties: The Stakes of Non-Compliance

The law introduces stringent penalties for those who choose to flout the regulations. Renting a property without a license incurs a fine of 100,000 Turkish lira. A 15-day grace period is granted to obtain the necessary license; failure to comply within this timeframe results in an additional fine of 500,000 TL. Persistent non-compliance escalates the fine to a staggering 1 million Turkish lira.

Additional Penalties for Accuracy and Compliance

Misrepresentation of a property's location, quality, or physical characteristics through advertisements, brochures, or social media attracts a fine of 100,000 TL. Furthermore, failure to display the license plaque at the residence's entrance incurs an additional fine of 100,000 TL.

Scope of Application: Balancing Regulations

While the new laws primarily target properties rented for less than 100 days, those exceeding this duration are not exempt. Landlords engaging in rentals exceeding 100 days will be closely monitored. Renting out the same property for more than 100 days four times in a year results in a hefty fine of 1 million TL.

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