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Malta Permanent Residence Program (MPRP) Explained | Unlocking Your Dreams | Turkish Law Firm

Malta Permanent Residence Program (MPRP), offering a pathway to permanent residency in island of Malta with unique benefits of MPRP, including visa-free travel, family inclusion, access to the Schengen Area. Know Application process, requirements, documents, fees, procedure time, visa, entry

Are you dreaming of a life in a picturesque Mediterranean island with rich history, beautiful landscapes, and a vibrant community? Look no further than Malta's Permanent Residence Program (MPRP), also known as Malta's Golden Visa, offering an exciting immigration route to obtain permanent residency in this enchanting country. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the Malta Permanent Residence Program, exploring its unique features, benefits, and how you can embark on this extraordinary journey to call Malta your new home.

Introducing Malta's Permanent Residence Program (MPRP)

The Malta Permanent Residence Program, introduced in 2021 through legal notice 121 of 2021, is an exceptional residence by investment program granting individuals and their families the opportunity to attain permanent residency within just six months. What sets the MPRP apart from other similar programs is its unique advantage of immediate permanent residency, without the hassle of renewal payments and without imposing a minimum physical stay requirement in Malta.

Understanding the Application Process

To qualify for the Malta Permanent Residence Program, applicants must demonstrate that they possess at least 500,000 Euros in assets, out of which 150,000 Euros must be in liquid form, such as funds, shares, stocks, or money in a bank account.

In addition to the financial requirements, applicants are required to fulfill three crucial obligations:

Option 1: Property Rental

  • Pay a donation of 2,000 Euros to a charity organization in Malta.

  • Pay a non-refundable donation of 98,000 Euros to the government when opting to rent a property in Malta.

  • Rent a property in Malta for at least 10,000 Euros annually.

Option 2: Property Purchase

  • Pay a donation of 2,000 Euros to a charity organization in Malta.

  • Pay a non-refundable donation of 68,000 Euros to the government when opting to purchase a property in Malta.

  • Purchase a property in Malta worth at least 300,000 Euros.

The total cost for investors choosing the property rental option would amount to 100,000 Euros (donation to charity + donation to government) along with the property's annual rent.

The Enchanting Benefits of Malta's Permanent Residency

Obtaining permanent residency through the Malta Permanent Residence Program comes with a myriad of enticing benefits:

Lifetime Permanent Residence:

Secure your place in Malta for life and enjoy all the privileges that come with it.

Unrestricted Stay in Malta:

Embrace the freedom to live indefinitely in Malta without any limitations on your physical presence.

Schengen Travel Privileges:

As a Malta permanent resident, you gain visa-free access to the Schengen Area, allowing you to travel to other Schengen countries for up to three months within every six months.

Investment Opportunities:

The program grants you the chance to invest in the flourishing Maltese property market, offering a gateway to financial growth and stability.

Family Application:

Bring your loved ones along on this exciting journey, as family members can be included in the same application without any additional fees.

Extended Family Inclusion:

The MPRP allows for the inclusion of parents and grandparents of the main applicant and/or their spouse, making it a remarkable opportunity for family reunification.

Safety and Security:

Malta is renowned for being one of the safest countries in the world, providing peace of mind for you and your family.

English-Speaking Community:

As a former British colony, Malta boasts a high level of English proficiency, making communication and integration seamless for expatriates.

Top-Quality Education and Healthcare:

Benefit from world-class educational institutions and healthcare facilities, ensuring the well-being and development of your family.

EU Membership and Euro Currency:

As a member of the European Union (EU) and part of the Schengen Area, Malta offers access to numerous opportunities for business, travel, and personal growth, with the Euro as its official currency.

Why Choose a Trusted Turkish Law Firm for Assistance

Navigating the complexities of the Malta Permanent Residence Program requires professional expertise and guidance. A qualified and experienced Turkish Law Firm with a dedicated team of lawyers in Turkey can be your reliable partner throughout this process. These experts possess a comprehensive understanding of immigration laws and regulations, ensuring a smooth and efficient application process.

The Key Role of an Istanbul Lawyer

An Istanbul Lawyer can be your advocate, assisting you in preparing the necessary documentation, liaising with authorities, and ensuring your application complies with all the program requirements. Their in-depth knowledge of the MPRP and years of experience in the field will significantly increase your chances of a successful application.

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