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Significant Increase in Minimum Capital for Joint Stock and Limited Liability Companies in Turkey

Explore dynamic business landscape in Turkey & recent developments surrounding the Increase in Minimum Capital for Joint Stock and Limited Liability Companies. Discover how this change is shaping economic trajectory & unlocking new opportunities for businesses in Turkey

The business landscape is ever-evolving, and entrepreneurs need to stay attuned to regulatory changes that can significantly impact their ventures. In a recent development, the Turkish government, through Presidential Decree No. 7887, has ushered in a substantial change by increasing the minimum capital requirements for joint stock and limited liability companies. Let's delve into the details of this pivotal shift and its implications for businesses.

Understanding the Decree: A Game-Changer for Companies

1. Minimum Capital Adjustments: A Breakdown

The cornerstone of this regulatory shift lies in the adjustment of minimum capital amounts for different types of companies. As of January 1, 2024, joint stock companies will see their minimum capital spike from 50,000 TL to 250,000 TL. Simultaneously, limited liability companies will experience an increase from 10,000 TL to 50,000 TL. For non-public joint stock companies that have embraced the registered capital system, the minimum initial capital has surged from 100,000 TL to 500,000 TL.

Let's visualize these changes:

Company Type

Minimum Capital Before 01/01/2024 (TL)

Minimum Capital After 01/01/2024 (TL)

Joint Stock Company



Non-Public Joint Stock Company (Registered Capital)



Limited Liability Company



2. Implementation and Applicability

The Ministry of Trade has clarified that these changes will be applicable to companies established on or after January 1, 2024. Pre-existing companies, however, are not mandated to undergo a capital increase. Yet, in a proactive stance, the Ministry suggests that existing companies consider enhancing their capital to fortify their equity structures.

Navigating the Regulatory Landscape: Key Considerations

1. Compliance with Turkish Commercial Code

While the Turkish Commercial Code mandates that the capital of joint stock and limited liability companies cannot dip below the legal minimum, the recent Presidential Decree does not explicitly exempt previously established companies from potential capital increase requirements.

2. Ministry of Trade's Guidance

The Ministry of Trade's statement emphasizes that, at present, there is no obligatory capital increase for existing companies. However, a more comprehensive communiqué, expected to be released in December, is anticipated to provide detailed insights into the regulatory framework.

Proactive Measures: A Prudent Approach for Businesses

In light of the evolving landscape, businesses are urged to consider proactive measures despite the absence of an immediate obligation. The uncertainty surrounding the exemption of existing companies from capital increases may necessitate a strategic approach.

1. Future-Proofing Through Increase in Minimum Capital

Even though not obligatory, the recommendation to increase capital aims to shield businesses from potential negative consequences in the future. Strengthening equity structures can enhance a company's resilience and financial robustness, positioning it for sustained growth.

2. Maintaining Equality Among Companies

Speculation is rife that the Ministry of Trade might eventually mandate capital increases for existing companies to uphold equality among businesses. This could potentially mitigate any disparities that may arise due to varying capital structures.

Looking Ahead: Anticipating Further Guidance

As the regulatory landscape evolves, businesses eagerly await the Ministry of Trade's communiqué expected in December. This document is anticipated to provide comprehensive and detailed information, potentially addressing the lingering uncertainties and guiding companies on their compliance journey.

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